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  • About Me

  • Hi, I'm Haley, a self-taught UX Engineer (that's really just a fancy term for a mix of product designer and front-end developer). My goal is to help people build better and more meaningful products.

  • When I'm not messing around with pixels, you'll probably find me outdoors on a hike. I also really enjoy painting, screen printing gig posters and wood-working. You can check out some of those projects here.

  • / 02Fun Facts
  • What Makes
    Me Tick

  • 1

    I am quietly confident.

  • 2

    Peanut Butter M&M'S are my favorite snack at the moment.

  • 3

    I use light-styled terminal windows (Gasp! I know, how embarassing, feel free to clutch your pearls haha).

  • 4

    Techno is my go-to background music for when I need to focus, or just dance in my seat.

  • 5

    I worked as a bike messenger for a few years so I'm hella speedy and scrappy.

  • 6

    For someone who doesn't dress up much, I'm REALLY into fashion.

  • / 03Background
  • Career Journey

  • I arrived at web design and development from a fine arts background. In college, I majored in industrial design and neon techniques at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. At that time, my focus had been learning how to build useful tools for people with disabilities and how to just make some super cool neon lights for my apartment.

  • Creating my industrial design portfolio website sparked my interest in building webpages with HTML and CSS. After graduating, I immediately switched paths, took some coding classes on YouTube, and got my first internship working as a Junior Web Designer.

  • Now I work with companies to help them launch products, grow their business, and run design sprints to solve big problems! I love that as a UX Engineer, my day-to-day is a good balance between fussing over color schemes and writing clean code.

My Project Workflow My project workflow consists of 3 stages. Stage 1: Explore, focuses on design sprints, product strategy, UX strategy. Stage 2: Create, dive into information architecture, UX/UI Design and Branding. Stage 3: Build, is where I begin prototyping, coding, and user testing the final product.
  • / 04Services
  • How I Can Help
    Your Team

  • UX Research

  • Front End Development

  • Custom WordPress Theme Development

  • Wordpress Training & Tutoring

  • Squarespace Development

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

  • Website Accessibility Compliance

  • Interaction Design

  • Branding & Design System Creation

  • HTML Email Design & Coding

  • Responsive Website Design

  • Email Automation & Campaign Integration

  • Social Media Integration

  • / 05Selected Clients
  • Brands I've Worked With

Boston University
University of Chicago Booth
Fitness Formula Clubs
Gogo Air
George Washington University
Penguin Random House
Purdue University
Raise Marketplace
The North Face
The University of Southern California Marshall
The University of Arizona
The University of Florida
The University of Southern California
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